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About the Founder

Meet Jordan

Thanks for passing by! I'm Jordan, Counsellor and Founder at TherapyAccess. 

I was born with a visual impairment (hence the big glasses) but what the lack of vision gifted me was the ability to listen. 

In 2012 I began what was to be a life changing journey and enrolled on counselling training. Fast forward to 2017 and I qualified as an Integrative Counsellor. 

Having spent a number of years volunteering for a children and young peoples counselling charity in Reading, I left to set up and run a Community Interest Company offering affordable therapy. I also have vast experience working in statutory settings supporting people to overcome mental ill health and live a more fulfilling, authentic and enriching life. 

Due to Covid-19 and the impact on our communities, families and livelihoods also came opportunity for change in the therapeutic communities. The norm was that therapy would be face to face but the pandemic meant that services needed to go online or to telephone.  This sparked the idea for TherapyAcess. A service where therapy isn't just accessible by cost but by platform too. 

Therapy can be useful for when we are in times of crisis, suffering mental and physical ill health, feeling stuck in life or just need someone private to talk to. But accessing services can bring it's own challenges. Long waiting lists for health services and charities mixed with high costs to see someone private. I know when I've tried to get therapy myself in the past I have found the whole experience in itself stressful! I wanted to make the process easier for anyone who is seeking therapy so the focus can be on what really matters. 

About the Founder: About Me
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